Early Work

I WISH I WERE LIKE YOU (1 of 3)NunsSTEMSTO SEE WHAT HE SEESTO SEE WHAT HE SEESI WISH I WERE LIKE YOU ( 2 of 3)ME, MYSELF, & VICTORIAME, MYSELF & VICTORIAANTICIPATIONI WISH I WERE LIKE YOU ( 3 of 3)SIFTING THROUGHRUNThe Faces of Long Island-ART MERCHANTThe Faces of Long Island-LAUNDER MAT LOVELYThe Faces of Long Island-BUTCHERThe Faces of Long Island-MRS. MEATFARMSThe Faces of Long Island-ADULT TRICYLE Cloud Watch**Cloud Sage**Tasty TreatsAsanaAstros (3)Asana Astros (2)Asana Astros (1)Cotton Candy Dreams

** Indicates piece has SOLD

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