Fresh Embroidery + Custom Frames

With the recent discovery of the Los Angeles based frame makers of Canvas Place   I have been able to include custom frames with each piece! That’s right. Custom. Any color of your choice painted, stained, or poly coated. Now when you purchase embroidery art, it is not only ready to hang but can be embellished to match just about anything/anywhere you will be displaying it. Each frame is made of solid pine and sits on a 2″ cradle. Each come with mitered corners, 1/2 inch shadowbox, and top quality construction. These frames are a perfect compliment to every piece of original art.  I’m very satisfied with Canvas Place and suggest checking them out if you are an artist yourself, or if you are simply interested in supporting local quality craftsmanship.

Here are a few shots of  recent work in both the natural frame color and a few with a couple coats of Danish oil.

Photos - 1487

Photos - 1515

Photos - 1502
Want more? New embroidery pics up in the Mixed Media tab! Check it!



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In stitches…

A few  “in progress” pics of some recent embroidery and ceramics work. Honing in on craft techniques and discovering what happens when the lines are blurred between functionality, aesthetics, and concept.









Small Pots





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Mischief Show at AFS Gallery

Earlier this month, I participated  in a juried exhibition at the Art From Scrap Gallery here in Santa Barbara, CA.  The show was ever so aptly titled “What will They Create?  Mischief !”   and was just that…a mischievous gathering of of local artists displaying over 70 works! Guidelines for artwork submitted were to take an un-finished or discarded piece of art (either yours or someone else’s) and incorporate it into something new.  For my piece “On a Roll”, I constructed a diorama made of an old wooden desk drawer, plastic toys, paint, astro turf, fabric, beads and doll parts.  For the  discarded art I chose an antique papier mache head, picked up from a local flea market.  All work was up for auction and proceeds went to the AFS Gallery and their many programs.

Mischief Retouch-19.jpgMischief Retouch-21.jpgMischief Retouch-22.jpgMischief Retouch-39.jpgMischief Retouch-14.jpgMischief Retouch-25.jpgMischief Retouch-29.jpgMischief Retouch-30.jpgMischief Retouch-26.jpgMischief Retouch-46.jpgMischief Retouch-51.jpg

Thank YOU Art From Scrap!

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Patrick Amiot Studio Visit

During a recent trip up the coast  to Sonoma County, I had the most unexpected pleasure of meeting with local Sebastapol artist Patrick Amiot.  On what my partner in crime,  (the beau) and I assumed was just going to be an afternoon spent antiquing, we stumbled across a funky little shop on the side of the road called Renga Arts. After parking the car and taking a dozen or so pictures of  some amazing hand painted metal  sculptures that were scattered about the lawn, we stepped inside the main building.   Inside was a  nifty shop full of a variety of local art and gifts at  reasonable prices. We asked the shopkeeper about the unusual art that wrapped around the outside of the building and he informed us that it was created by an artist who was once a potter and one day decided to change mediums.  As we left the shop and were about to drive off, a soft spoken man  in his 50’s with paint splattered  jeans, a band t-shirt &  stalking cap came up to our car and asked if we would like to take a look out back.  Curious, we quickly jumped out of the car and followed the man and his rat terrier, trailing alongside him.  As we walked toward what appeared to be piles of  reclaimed auto parts and old rusty signs on a large fence and pieced together shacks and trailers. I asked if there were any art studios around, whereupon he said “Well, this is where my wife and I work.”  I quickly replied with ” Oh, so are you the artist that made all of the metal sculptures out front?! We were just asking about you!!” He  very candidly said that he normally doesn’t invite people into his studio and often wished that he could..but  just wasn’t a very open person. Today, for some special reason though, he said that he wanted to “give back” and could show us around but insisted that we did not take any photos. Respecting his wish, I put my camera away and stepped inside his somewhat massive (airplane hangar)  work space. He shared with us a very large-scale commission piece for a client in Canada along with a few other projects he, his wife, and small team of welders were working on.  His wife (Brigitte Laurent)  is the painter who gives life and much of his work’s unique whimsical style.  We stayed for about 20 minutes  or so as he told funny stories of former clients and projects and answered questions we had about his technique. It was such an honor to see his workspace and get to know the man behind those funky sculptures in Sebastapol, CA.

Renga Arts-15 Renga Arts Renga Arts-2  Renga Arts-4 Renga Arts-5 Renga Arts-6 Renga Arts-7 Renga Arts-9 Renga Arts-10 Renga Arts-11 Renga Arts-13 Renga Arts-14  For more info on Patrick Amiot and Brigitte Laurent check out their website!

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LR (1 of 1)-2Things have been pretty busy around here  in Santa B, but  in the absolute best way.  In mid- October I collaborated with fellow artist Jami Joelle Nielsen on a honey comb inspired art piece. Together we painted a “hive piano” for the annual public music project “Pianos on State” .  Eleven pianos were painted by local artists  put on display up and down State Street, open to the musical stylings and plunking of passers by.  Here are some pics of the before, during, and after.  Along with a nice little write up in local newspaper Santa Barbara Sentinel (check us out in the bottom right corner!)piano Before

Piano Tape


pianos on State ArticleLeftTop

pianos on State Article

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Thread and Needle

Recently I’ve really gotten into embroidery.  It all started at work. For those who don’t know, I’m an art instructor  at a local Santa Barbara non-profit, that focuses on adults with special needs. While thinking of ideas for a demo on needlework…I wanted to show something slightly outside the box.  Something more visually interesting than the cross-stitched hot pads Granny lovingly taught you  to make way back when.  I had noticed that some of the people I teach, had been working on embroidery in a pretty straight forward way… basic stitching on a hand drawn outline. This was great practice for them and helped at becoming comfortable with a new medium. But, I felt we needed to step it up a notch. Loosen up a bit and think about it as an overall completed art piece. While looking at the materials available in the studio: fabric paint, linen, beads, embroidery floss etc…i began thinking. What creates the perfect balance between loose mark making and tight detail work?  My answer? Why painting AND needlework of course!  As  I continued to research embroidery as “art” instead of just “craft” i discovered a few artists worth mentioning:

Takashi Iwasaki

Lauren DiCioccio

Stephanie Toppin

Stacey Page

While I’ve done many fiber arts, costume making, crocheting, knitting and general textile dabbling in the past..I’ve never tied together  painting ideas with fabric and thread.  This is an exciting new exploration of materials…and something equally as intriguing to witness the artists in my group delve into and interpret with their own unique flare.  They are already impressing me.

Here is a pic of my demo of paint on fabric. ( pre-embroidery)

LR (1 of 1)-2

On my days off from the “work studio” when I get to jump into my own artwork I’ve started working on a new embroidery piece on pre-stretched black canvas.  I have only just begun…but am already loving the contrast of the vibrant threads against the dark background. LR (1 of 1)

On this piece, I would like to experiment with pattern and chaos while exploring the negative space surrounding the figure.

Here are some  inspiring textures and patterns I discovered in my apartment…



Well, back to work!

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From Dusk ‘Till Drawn and Twins Exhibit

Heya Folks!  Over the weekend, I brushed up on my drawing skills and participated in the Dusk ‘Till Drawn 24 hr drawing rally at Santa Barbara’s Museum of Contemporary Art( MCA) formerly Contemporary Arts Forum (CAF). I blissfully sketched for hours upon hours (6 to be exact!) alongside 100+ fellow artists of all ages including my best gal pal and very talented beau. It was a SPECTACULAR event. There was such a rich buzz of creativity coursing through the gallery. The event began at 5pm Friday and ended 5pm Sat. On Sunday evening a reception was held to display everyone’s hard work!LR (14 of 22)

LR (13 of 22)LR (1 of 22)LR (3 of 22) LR (4 of 22)

Top Left: “Bouganvilla in Bloom” Acrylic and ink on paper

LR (10 of 22)

“Love Across the Ages”  by John Delaney

LR (1 of 1)

Drawing into the wee hours of the morning.

LR (5 of 22)

Top Left:  “Vanagon” by Mary Balda  Top Center: “This is going to be a Wicked Hangover” by John Delaney Top  Right: “Unsound Sea” by Jami Joelle Nielsen

LR (6 of 22)

LR (8 of 22)

Artist John Delaney

LR (9 of 22)

“Tea Time in the Serengeti” by John Delaney

LR (11 of 22)

Opening Reception

The following pictures are from the “Twins” Juried Invitational at the Santa Barbara Tennis Club  6/14/13.  Another great convergence of local art!

Twins Show 002

Twins Show 064

Twins Show 044

“Sugar Rush” and “Sacks Gunny Avenue” acrylic on panel

Twins Show 003

And..that’s all for now! Have a Great Week!!

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“Twins” Juried Invitational

This coming Friday 6/14/13,  I will be participating in a juried exhibit at the Santa Barbara Tennis Club.  I’ve been  spending every single ounce of “free time” preparing for the  show and feel as though a huge weight has been  lifted now that I’ve dropped  my work off at the gallery. Paint has been flung, gloss sprayed, eye hooks and wires all tightly fastened.  Whew! Busy month!

For this body of work, I completed a series of 3 paintings. All of which were inspired by a collection of photos I took at the SB County Fair.  Two pieces were selected for the show. Below, is a snapshot of them all together.

The following paintings will be displayed  at the exhibit:

1) “Sacks Gunny Avenue”   (latex on birch 10″x10″)


2) “Sugar Rush” (latex on birch 24″x24″)


The opening will be held from 5:30-7:30pm 6/14/13 @ 2375 Foothill Rd. Santa Barbara, CA and is open to the public.

Have a great week!!

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B-Sides Exhibit

Happy Saturday everyone! Here in (normally) sunny Santa Barbara, it is a typical “June Gloom” day….grey skies run amok and the horizon is brewing up a delicious fog that will eat you alive with its sweet-salty scent of fish guts and sea kelp ….which as it turns out is not so great for photosynthesis but ….IS PERFECT for blogging. So today, I will share some photos. At the end of April, I participated in a group exhibit called “B-Sides”. The purpose of the show was for artists to contribute work that is generally outside of their style, free of any constraints or limitations. Similar to the experimental music on a band’s “B-Side” of an album. The opening was held at my next door neighbor’s loft and the event was spread out into the courtyard of my building complete with tasty libations, fresh bread, and sorbet by local artisans. It was quite a spectacular evening! 114 Chapala Street. built 1908. Formerly Gledhill Photography Studio: where Upton Sinclair, Phoebe Apperson Hearst (mother of William Hearst), Diego Rivera, and many others were photographed in the early 20th century.. Presently my HOME!

Sugar & Salt Creamery. Local organic almond milk sorbet. YUM!

“Nuns” mixed media on panel 12″x12″. This is one of my earlier works. I was and still am a HUGE fan of vintage National Geographic magazines. These nuns were clipped out and then painted and varnished for this piece.

Artist statement.

A studly artist and his sculpture.

“Yawn sculpy and found object by John Delaney

House of Card- disaster relief/multi purpose structure

Alchemy in the cocktail corner.

And……….that’s a wrap! Have a great weekend!!!

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Inspiration at the Fair

Early next month, I will be participating in a juried exhibition at the Santa Barbara Tennis Club. The title of the show is “Twins.” Any interpretation of this theme and all media may be submitted. In true form, I will be entering 3 acrylic paintings on birch panel (LOVE birch panel). Two of which will be smallish at 10″x10″ and one larger 2ft x 2ft. As I was buzzing around the studio gathering inspiration for this double trouble challenge, I stumbled across a folder of photos I had taken at the Santa Barbara county fair a year ago. I was thrilled to find that not only had I photographed all the splendor that comes with the fair itself (a llama petting zoo, deep fried twinkies, pig races, caricature artists, and spinning rides that induce vertigo, etc.) But ALSO quite a few PAIRS of people. And tada! We have the birth of my “Twins” series! Each piece will be inspired in color, pattern and content by the experience of going to the county fair. And all will be direct references from my photographs. I love the dynamic of people captured through the lens of my camera.  I just shoot shoot shoot, walk away and let the magic happen in the studio with each dip of my paintbrush. This is a transformative work.  I am appropriating the original image and my paint is  a mask of sorts, making the original subjects’ identity virtually unrecognizable.  People-watching is amazing and completely raw and honest. The beauty and awkwardness of a candid moment is truly something to behold.

More pattern.There is nothing about this that I don't love.Lights!

Have a great weekend!



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