Monthly Archives: April 2014

Mischief Show at AFS Gallery

Earlier this month, I participated  in a juried exhibition at the Art From Scrap Gallery here in Santa Barbara, CA.  The show was ever so aptly titled “What will They Create?  Mischief !”   and was just that…a mischievous gathering of of local artists displaying over 70 works! Guidelines for artwork submitted were to take an un-finished or discarded piece of art (either yours or someone else’s) and incorporate it into something new.  For my piece “On a Roll”, I constructed a diorama made of an old wooden desk drawer, plastic toys, paint, astro turf, fabric, beads and doll parts.  For the  discarded art I chose an antique papier mache head, picked up from a local flea market.  All work was up for auction and proceeds went to the AFS Gallery and their many programs.

Mischief Retouch-19.jpgMischief Retouch-21.jpgMischief Retouch-22.jpgMischief Retouch-39.jpgMischief Retouch-14.jpgMischief Retouch-25.jpgMischief Retouch-29.jpgMischief Retouch-30.jpgMischief Retouch-26.jpgMischief Retouch-46.jpgMischief Retouch-51.jpg

Thank YOU Art From Scrap!