B-Sides Exhibit

Happy Saturday everyone! Here in (normally) sunny Santa Barbara, it is a typical “June Gloom” day….grey skies run amok and the horizon is brewing up a delicious fog that will eat you alive with its sweet-salty scent of fish guts and sea kelp ….which as it turns out is not so great for photosynthesis but ….IS PERFECT for blogging. So today, I will share some photos. At the end of April, I participated in a group exhibit called “B-Sides”. The purpose of the show was for artists to contribute work that is generally outside of their style, free of any constraints or limitations. Similar to the experimental music on a band’s “B-Side” of an album. The opening was held at my next door neighbor’s loft and the event was spread out into the courtyard of my building complete with tasty libations, fresh bread, and sorbet by local artisans. It was quite a spectacular evening! 114 Chapala Street. built 1908. Formerly Gledhill Photography Studio: where Upton Sinclair, Phoebe Apperson Hearst (mother of William Hearst), Diego Rivera, and many others were photographed in the early 20th century.. Presently my HOME!

Sugar & Salt Creamery. Local organic almond milk sorbet. YUM!

“Nuns” mixed media on panel 12″x12″. This is one of my earlier works. I was and still am a HUGE fan of vintage National Geographic magazines. These nuns were clipped out and then painted and varnished for this piece.

Artist statement.

A studly artist and his sculpture.

“Yawn sculpy and found object by John Delaney

House of Card- disaster relief/multi purpose structure

Alchemy in the cocktail corner.

And……….that’s a wrap! Have a great weekend!!!

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