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Inspiration at the Fair

Early next month, I will be participating in a juried exhibition at the Santa Barbara Tennis Club. The title of the show is “Twins.” Any interpretation of this theme and all media may be submitted. In true form, I will be entering 3 acrylic paintings on birch panel (LOVE birch panel). Two of which will be smallish at 10″x10″ and one larger 2ft x 2ft. As I was buzzing around the studio gathering inspiration for this double trouble challenge, I stumbled across a folder of photos I had taken at the Santa Barbara county fair a year ago. I was thrilled to find that not only had I photographed all the splendor that comes with the fair itself (a llama petting zoo, deep fried twinkies, pig races, caricature artists, and spinning rides that induce vertigo, etc.) But ALSO quite a few PAIRS of people. And tada! We have the birth of my “Twins” series! Each piece will be inspired in color, pattern and content by the experience of going to the county fair. And all will be direct references from my photographs. I love the dynamic of people captured through the lens of my camera.  I just shoot shoot shoot, walk away and let the magic happen in the studio with each dip of my paintbrush. This is a transformative work.  I am appropriating the original image and my paint is  a mask of sorts, making the original subjects’ identity virtually unrecognizable.  People-watching is amazing and completely raw and honest. The beauty and awkwardness of a candid moment is truly something to behold.

More pattern.There is nothing about this that I don't love.Lights!

Have a great weekend!



A New Look, a Birthday and a Blog!!

To start things off…here’s a big THANK YOU for stopping by! The ol’ website has been under construction this past month, with a completely new layout, color scheme and ALL new high res.  images.  If this is your first time taking a look…please feel free to plunk around on the tabs and sub-menus…things should (hopefully) be arranged in a very straightforward and easy to “browse”  fashion.  So click and scroll to your heart’s content.   I’m excited to share that this very month of May is our birthday here. has been up and running for 7 years now!!! Hard to believe, yet amazing to think of how far we’ve come and the many iterations in color, content and overall appearance the website has taken. I’m proud to say that art is of top priority and now that we have a blog (!), I can share much of my process, inspiration, events, and exhibitions…and of course, being the avid thrifter that I am… you may also discover tidbits of weekend excursions to flea markets,  junk shops, and small beach towns here on the Central Coast.  And with that  said, I leave you with this amazing diorama found in the quaint yet colorful town of  San Luis Obispo.

shadowbox-SLO (1 of 1).jpg

Till next time!